White Cartoon Sidewalk Series

Poesy started her artist journey by a Parisian sidewalk, in Montparnasse, to fund her Bald Empathy Movement tour in 2011. This body of work saved her life and enabled her travels through six European cities before she returned to Asia. Most of her works were acquired by her global Facebook followers.

This White Cartoon Sidewalk Series consists of 40 original characters that lived in Poesy’s head from as early as her teens.

Each creature has its own twisted story and whimsical observation of the human life.

No 1 : Rollipolli Kitty

Many people love fat cats. The benchmark of a supermodel cat is supposed to be so fat that they can roll around like a ball, yet they are so fast that they fly when they run. I know many fat kitties who doesn’t know just how cute they are nor do they care if anyone approves or not. Be awesome like that, a cat who owns every bit of its lovable fat!

No 2: Tako-Chan

Inevitably Japanese, this baby octopus is too cute to eat. I am a huge fan of Japan, although in mychildhood I was only exposed to Japan through my Taiwanese roots. The Japanese sensibilities has shown up in my careers as a luxury designer and in my art journey. In real life, the octopus is a frightening but sophisticated creature, often depicted as a monster in the Japanese manga culture. I am like an octopus, multitasking my life with all 8 tentacles. This character was created a long time before I started this series. March 23rd, 2011, was the first day I started producing art on a Parisian sidewalk bench in the 14th arrondissement in order to finance the rest of Bald Empathy Movement
tour – marking the beginning of my adventures as a sidewalk artist traveling across the world. At that point, the Japan tsunami was all over the news and on everyone’s mind.

No 3: Baby Blue

It is actually a pingpong ball floating in the pool pretending to be a whale! This is a message that I want to dedicate to all marine life. May the humans do less harm to them. I drive this message urgently with the horror of Japan’s tsunami freshly flashing on international news. It is the undoing of ignorant humans harming mother earth and causing abnormal activities in the ocean, ultimately causing tragedy to humankind. It is so visible that we simply cannot ignore it.

No 4: Running Rabbit

Whenever I think about the word ‘run’ this rabbit pops into my mind’s eye. Sometimes we run about senselessly not knowing who/what we are running from or running to – and we do it filled with such grand notions of having a life purpose too.

This addresses how we live our life, how everyone is always running from something, running towards something, chasing and being chased.. This is my most popular character, existing in 2 realms of Poesy’s World : black & white world, and technicolour heaven.. it will be the first to exist in the 3D digital realm with emoji stickers as well.

No 5: Vegetarian Fox

This innocent creature lives on a diet that does not require it to prey on other living animals, instead it hunts for mushrooms. It is an oxymoron, that I often challenge myself to – as I am personally trying to eat less meat and be more mindful about killing animals for food. It is technically not possible for animals to abstain from eating the flesh of another living being, but it is possible to train humans to be vegetarians, as the human race has superior mental powers to tame our primal urges.

No 6: Sparkling Giraffe

This giraffe was fashioned after a champagne bottle. It is a happy bubbly giraffe, with the sparkling effervescence of champagne. Through my 20s and 30s, I earned a formidable reputation as a champagne princess, while my other favourite happy drink is the sparkling shiraz.

No 7: Corrupt Chicken

The hen looks myopic for a reason. Innocent chick wears a helmet. They have very poor sight too.

This is about greedy politicians who is worried about their children, putting the baby in a helmet made of eggshells – not knowing that they do the greatest harm themselves by their lack of morals.

No 8: Ferocious Fish

Big fish small fish, all ferocio8 us. Fish should not be carnivorous. It gets them into trouble! Moral of the story : If one isn’t attracted to the bait, it won’t get hooked. Our untamed nature does us most harm, especially greed.

No 9: Gingerbread Seahorse

Easily perishable organism in marine life is almost like they were made of gingerbread that crumbles and falls apart with little pressure. The environment is not that friendly to them at all. Again, this is about how humans has harmed marine life.

No 10: Smelly Company

Notice the pile of gold faeces. Due to that, the bear attracts unwanted company.

Moral of the story : In order to attract good company, clean up your act. Have other things that are gold.

Bear : Life doesn’t have to always smell like that. No one wants me. I better clean up!

Group of flies : We want you we want you buzz-wuzz-wuzz.

If you hold smelly values and hold on to them like they were gold, the type of people you attract would be like these ass kissing flies. C’est la vie!

No 11: Gastro Anglerfish

The female anglerfish has unique capabilities compared to their male counterpart. I created this character based on this joke : http://theoatmeal.com/comics/angler

This female anglerfish is all dolled up for a nice meal, with eyelash and frills.

She even had her teeth polished. The story of the anglerfish does not seem as cute for the male species. I am just short of drawing her multiple testicles, thought of giving her earrings so she can say,
“Oh this pair were from my late husband..” made out of the dead guy’s gonads. Not a self-portrait.

No 12: Crestfallen Pony

Someone wanted a heartbroken pony but I created something equivalent. This is what happens that the heart is out of balanced, the head also gets affected.

Look at it, the poor thing is about to cry. It
feels so small also, that is why the body is tiny. If you gave it a little push, his head would topple over and be hurt head over heels.


No 13: International Bank

A piggy bank that can fly is an international bank. This piggy bank is in the pink of health. It is so pleased with itself that it farted some Chinese clouds. Rather smug with indigestion.

We love cute little pigs, I personally prefer heavy ones full of gold currencies. Due to my nature of work and travels, I value services from a happy bank with wings.

Note the eastern looking cloud, where the money gets digested these days.

No 14: Over Moo

How did the cow jump over the moon? Is it a cheese? Like most cows, this silly cow is scheming to jump OVER the moon. SImilar to how we humans try to reach the ‘arena of stars’ no pun intended, kekek.. Moo is a wordplay that we know well, short for moi, moon, or just plain mooooo..

From my perspective as a kitty person, they say “curiousity killed the cat” but in this case the cow has a muse that the moon is of dairy product, so many cows throughout history wants to jump over the moon, to prove that it is made of cheese – a dairy product by cows! Moooooo!

Fashioned after the first creation years ago in the Oil Pastel Travels book!

No 15: Driving Cockerel

A pedigree chook behind the fancy wheel. Boys with sophisticated toys. Reminds me of that

No 16: Bronze Afro

The crazy lion has fashioned itself after a poodle. In the original creation of this lion, the name was called ‘Peridot Your Head’.

The eccentric lion! Although you can’t take this lion that seriously for its’ afro head and tail, be very frightened of its’ unpredictability and madness… ‘Periodot Your Head’ is Poesy’s wild imagination, who shares the same birthday!

No 17: Golden Nose

The little tiger who has a knack of sniffing out the gold. Look at the cute smug and swishy tail. Groar.

Notice the auspicious Chinese character 王 on the little tiger’s forehead.

No 18: Arrow Tail

Are arrowed tails symbols of evil? Look at this creature, surely it deserves compassion too? This is me on a day when I do not breathe fire. What we see is not always what is.

No 19: Easter Bunny

A bunny seated next to a couple of decorated eggs is what bunnies do during Easter, I never quite understood it. Until today I do not know how that came about and what is the meaning of it all. I thought Easter was about Jesus rising from the dead, I would be in a fright (think Frankenstein). It isn’t as funny as easter eggs and bunny rabbits.

No 20: Sakura Kawaii

Season of the cherry blossoms has always been the tourist attraction to Japan. I sincerely wished and hoped that life resumes to normal as soon as possible.

This character was created just a month after the Japanese tsunami in 2011. I was in my photography production for Bald Empathy Movement in Hamburg that fateful day of March 11th.

No 21: Sakura Neko

May the cherry blossoms bloom and the maneki neko bring the auspicious fortune to restore Japan.

This character was created along with No 20, Sakura Kawaii just a month after the Japanese tsunami in 2011. I was in my photography production for Bald Empathy Movement in Hamburg that fateful day of March 11th.


No 22: Confused Hoot

A hoot is what you call someone crazy yet likable. Here is one who is confused with the time of day.

Hooting in daylight. I am currently rather jet-lagged. What is day in Hamburg, is night in Asia.

Also I am rather confused why I am here! Many of us go about feeling that way on a daily basis and I guess it is forgivable as long as we are aware of the confusion and am trying our level best to gain clarity. An owl sitting in light instead of darkness, that is not such a bad thing, the glare just takes a lot of getting used to.

All it takes to make life matter is to TRY!

No 23: Foretelling Spring

Baby chicks proclaiming the coming of spring. Happy news everybody! A great party is ahead. Chirpchirp- chirp!

This particular creation was earlier painted in oil, on a diptych of A3-size canvases in delicious spring colours of pale blue, baby yellow and creamy orange.

The diptych pieces depict one baby chick proclaiming spring on the left canvas (top position) while the other two baby chicks look on from the right canvas (bottom corner). It was sold within the first week that I displayed it at a designer furniture showroom when I was going through a tough time making ends meet. That sale gave me spring.

No 24: Hatching Hope

Newborn spring awaits good news. You have to be patient while you wait for things to hatch, it doesn’t come sooner than the time it is meant to take. Resurrect your motivation to live with zest.

Today (April 24th 2011) is a day of hope where Prince William marries his Princess Kate. May this bring much good to the world.

No 25: Sexy Swimmer

This beautiful fish was inspired by a friend who channels Marilyn Monroe. We spent the entire Easter holiday together in Hamburg during my Bald Empathy Movement tour and it was a rare holiday filled with sunshine for my German friends! The sexy swimmer is also my self-portrait, I swim long distance as my only form of cardiovascular exercises ever since my spine tumours.

No 26: Waggo-Tail

Bashful little dog with a waggily tail that vigorously thumps the ground with approval every time one turns to look at it. This doggie is very sociable and responsive that way, always looking for someone to play with, always happy with some friendly attention.

In my books, bashful is a good trait to find in a dog. When I was a child, I had 2 traumatic memories being attacked by dogs. Naturally I am less comfortable around gregarious canines who are overfriendly.

Like in human relationships, it is all about establishing boundaries. I am a sucker for good looks but I lived in the same house with a pug named Tulip for many years and she was very endearing! I found some healing that way.

No 27: Eight Strokes

With calligraphy, I created this mouse with just 8 lucky strokes – starting with the oval for the face and ending with the tail. Eight is an auspicious number in most asian cultures and this creature represents one of the 12 animals in the zodiac cycle.

The year of the rat (mouse) occurs on 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and every 12 year period.

No 28: Lotus Quack

A quack is somebody who might be a whacko, in a good or bad way. The lotus is a symbol of peace – growing out of the mud and blossoming above the muddy water surface, signifies that we can rise above our defilements and sufferings of life. It symbolises enlightenment in this whacky world.

No 29: Smiling Sleep

It is on one of those insomniac nights when you need to count sheep to sleep but there is one friendly creature who keeps smiling at you with a cheeky face that keeps you awake, much to your annoyance. You would rather be asleep, not a-sheep.

No 29: Koala Voila

No surprise that the koala clings to a tree branch, but voila – the tree is sprouting gold leaves wherever the sun shines.

No 31: Baby Bag

The stork delivers a new bundle of joy with its’ golden wings that envelopes a heart of gold. No other creature have been entrusted with the task to bring the newborn to their intended families. May the baby be bouncing, smiling and cracking with laughter. The stork, he is a fancy vehicle of feathered wings!!

No 32: Hurray Hippo

This happy fatso is delighted. I made up all sorts of names.. Happy fatso is a word play from fatty hippo. However, which hippo isn’t kinda fat? Then again, hippo sounds so much like ‘hip hip yippee
hurrah’, a voice of rejoice in unison. What is there not to be ecstatic about? Be as round as your life can afford you, your shape is yours to embrace! Yippedeedooday howdydoodah!

No 33: Curly Worldly

Always keep your piggy happy, feed it everyday with 10% of your earnings and do not rob its’ tummy off your savings over foolish expenditures. Be simple with your needs. This should remind you to put
some savings aside for the rainy days so that you can remain smiling like a well-fed piglet. Invest wisely on things that will appreciate in value or businesses that gives you passive income.

This character was created in Hong Kong sitting next to my casino client’s son back in 2007. I sold a pair of gold and diamond cufflinks that same day to London.

No 34: Welcome Purr

This cat loves its’ job and does it with such enthusiasm.
Cats are not able to fake purrs like human fake smiles. They always invite good fortune when they are kept happy and well-rounded. If you are able to get a cat to do something favourable for you, it means that you are in luck! The paw is waving welcome while his rotund body emits a mysterious sound whenever it smiles. When a cat blinks at you, it is actually smiling. They never feel obligated to be nice unless you are truly agreeable towards them.

No 35: Golden Seeds

A lady once paid me a compliment in French and asked a friend to translate it to me. She said that I was ‘as beautiful as a heart’! THAT blossomed inside me like a fruiting flower and I was always reminded to groom my thoughts/actions to remain the way she saw of me. That was the first time I ever heard anyone say something like that, it was so poetic to my ears and I still don’t really believe it (although I really want to), like I believe that all people want to be seen under a good light.

Whenever I saw a strawberry, it would remind me of a heart. The cheerful bright red and organic form of strawberries are so perfect even when out of shape. Of course the achene seeds embedded on every strawberry does not liken how a heart should look but I liken them to the golden values embedded in our hearts. Like I aspire to plant good seeds through my work in Helping Angels and now this Bald Empathy Movement on top of everything else that I do.

Bad seeds should be extracted like blackheads on an ungroomed nose. Sometimes a strawberry does remind me of a nose full of blackheads. Whenever I see a strawberry nose, I would feel compelled to give such a nose a good squeeze. Poor boyfriend. Haha. The achene seed details on this strawberry had been painted with metallic acrylic for the purpose of this message that we should have golden imprints planted in our hearts. Like strawberries, all hearts should be handled and presented with care. Without care, you will end up with a rotten strawberry, I meant heart. This is a unique one out of the 40 cartoons as the only random fruit.

No 36: Giddy Toby

Toby is the cat that has been keeping me company everyday during my stay here in Provence. He is a cheeky little critter who is a most welcoming host. He is the rooftop cat outside my bedroom always
inviting himself in through the window. Originally I was planning to draw the fat birdie who brought good omen into my home a few weeks ago, but this silly feline kept hopping into my sight like a comical screensaver you cannot get rid off. I will miss Toby so much when I leave here. He has mischievous features that is such a joy to watch and in the night, he turns into this soft purring pile of affectionate fur.

Coincidentally, Toby is a latte tabby with similar markings with Syusyu, a silver tabby in Taipei belonging to my famous bestfriend. I actually created this cartoon character a while back inspired by Syusyu. Some people has heard of Syusyu’s survival story falling off 6 floors and found nearly dead in a pile of broken bones 3 days later in the middle of a wet winter. They sent Syusyu for a series of reconstructive surgeries to repair 3 crushed limbs, I drew this cartoon to visualize him hopping around again. Syusyu is like me now, partially disabled but still attempting crazy stunts.

No 37: Rolling Rocker

They say, a rolling stone gathers no moss. This is a bit like the running rabbit (No 4), always bolting about in bewilderment. Instead of galloping around my imagination hysterically, this equine creature has a full-time occupation as a rocking horse, especially to bring joy to young children.The character also sports a rocker hairstyle often seen in the Rolling Stones magazine.

No 38: Shared Halo

This was inspired by a couple of Helping Angels marrying each other during the time I created the lovebirds. I hoped that their joined matrimony will make their halos so bright that it is hard to tell whether it is one or two halos, or many many halos merged into a golden one floating above us all the time. For the lovebirds, it doesn’t matter if they are weighing down the clothes line or perching on the top of a church steeple – love prevails. May they build a safe nest for this lifetime journey.

No 39: Hot Bowtie

This is to remind us of global warming. The penguins are finding it a little too hot to continue having a ball. This bowtie was painted only 10 minutes after staring at a listless penguin who was not quite sure what it was doing in the middle of a white blank canvas. All it said was, “It sure is hot in here, off with this neck ribbon!! Bahh!” Crotchety penguin ripped off the bowtie because it was too hot to pose for the painting. So cute. Fuck the black tie affairs. Groarrrr. I get really crossed and disagreeable in hot weather!!

No 40: Big Apple

This ambitious little squirrel found a giant loot but could not lift it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Know your limits.

The Running Rabbit coming soon! 11/11/21

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