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Helping Angels 善行天使

Helping Angels 善行天使 is a global movement of compassion based on random kindness, founded in 2007, as a social experiment using  Facebook by artist Poesy Liang 梁小詩. Her idea was to plant a seed of awakening in all participating members to achieve happiness through selfless acts. Since the start, 1,500 past volunteer events organised in 24  international cities were designed under 4 strict rules :


The Projects:

  • Thursday Tutoring
  • ChowKids Art Angels a.k.a. Tuesday Art
  • Gratitude Letters
  • Bald Empathy Movement
  • Socks for Japan
  • Green Humanity
  • Helping Angels in SAVH
  • Helping Angels Talk Show on Inspire.FM
  • Bangkok Charity Orchestra x Helping Angels
  • Accessibility Focus Group
  • Pitstop x Helping Angels Special Task Force
  • Blankets for People in the Northern Part of Thailand
  • Helping Angels Speaker Congress (HASC)
  • Operasi Street Cat
  • Broadcast with
  • Global Dignity
  • Random Ice Ceam Kindness in Imbi
  • … and others.

Bald Empathy Movement

An art movement by Helping Angels 善行天使 to raise empathy, for health and wholesome living, for compassion, for random kindness – to gather aspiring minds and make the world a better place.
For this Helping Angels 善行天使 art project Poesy shaved her head bald at the 64th Cannes Film Festival on May 16th, 2011 with these 5 objectives:
1. To make bald fashionable and cool, as an empathy movement for those suffering from loss of dignity due to premature hair-loss, and hair-loss due to chronic illnesses such as cancer.

2. To advocate wholesome lifestyles. Living well – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Encourage healthy attitude, diet, exercise, lifestyle and free of destructive or negative habits – by getting a deeper understanding of wholesome wellness vs chronic illnesses.
3. To raise sensitivity towards survivors and patients suffering from ill health. Learning awareness so we do not cause further stress to those who are battling health issues. E.g.; Don’t bring germs or viruses (no matter how minor) to visit someone who is already fighting for their life. Don’t take chances with other lives. Appreciate that ignorance can lead us to take many things in life such as health for granted. Don’t impose secondhand smoke onto non-smokers.
4. Know that we can give our hair to cancer patients by getting the wigs made and giving it as a gesture of love and respect. Don’t just give away the loose hair – make the wig before giving. Good wigs are expensive things. Here is an opportunity for you to give away something not just great, but good and from your heart. Lighten the financial load for others. This point is an awareness for generosity.
5. No hair, no shampoo, less water. Be mindful towards the environment.

A production involving international photographers and countless crew of volunteers to create visuals for the movement on social media.
Photographers of the production :
1. Djeneba Aduatom – Photographer, Paris/LA.
2. Rio Helmi – Photographer, Bali.
3. Connie Hong – Hong Kong.
4. Taurus Kung – Shanghai.
5. Roman Jehanno – Photographer, Paris.
6. Max Milligan – Photographer, London/Beirut.
7. Christian Barz – Hamburg.
8. Tung Yue Nang 鄧汝能 - Singapore.
9. Bibo Aswan – Malaysia.
Production volunteers :
1. Soma Helmi – Art Director + Video, Bali.
2. Isabelle Bardot – Stylist, Paris.
3. Virginie Maris – Hair + makeup, Paris
4. Julie Van Der Sterren – Stylist, Hamburg
5. Angelina Jain – Hair + makeup, Hamburg
6. Roy Martens – Coordinator, Cannes
7. Franz Fox Kennedy – Camera, Cannes.
8. Joe Yap – Crew, Malaysia.
9. Albert Nico – hairstylist, Malaysia.
10. Andy Koh – Camera, Malaysia.
11. Singyuin Christy – Camera, Malaysia.
12. Kenny Rosmi – Stylist, Malaysia.
13. Anja Offerman – Video, Barmstedt.
14. Godfrey Wang – Music, London.
Contributors :
1. Matthias Gelber – Green Advocate
2. Eu Hooi-Khaw – Press Release
3. Celeste Fong – Media, International.
4. Rachael Malai Ali – Media, Brunei.
5. David Devion – Liaison, Canada.
6. Malaysian Embassy – Media, Senegal.
7. Offermann family – Host, Barmstedt.
8. Floating Lemons – Host, Provence.
9. Barbara Celli – Host, Hamburg.
10. Monier family – Host, Paris.
11. Nicole Hitti Kharma – Host, Singapore.
12. Cheng family – Host, Singapore.
13. Malai Ali family – Host, Brunei.
14. Fei Lew – Translator, Chinese.
15. Catherine – Translator, French.
16. Kayleigh Hegarty – Translator, French.
17. Amadou Bamba Wele – Translator, French.
18. Leetje vh – Translator, Dutch.
19. Ayu – Translator, Japanese.
20. Marcin T. – Translator, Polish.
21. Will Phua – Translator, Chinese.
22. Chiara Maioni – Translator, Italian.
23. Rose Martinez – Translator, Spanish.
24. Elya Tleuzhanova – Translator, Russian.
25. Željko Grgić – Translator, Croatian.
26. Anja Offermann – Translator, German.
27. Benjamin Page – Host, LA.
Shaved head :
1. Poesy Liang (founder of Helping Angels 善行天使)
2. Dr. Chuang (Poesy’s mama)
2. KK Leong (Poesy’s papa)
3. Matthias Gelber – Green Advocate
4. Elvira Arul (singer, Malaysia)
5. Ras Adiba (newsreader, Malaysia)


Poesy Prize

Poesy Liang, in collaboration with US based 501(c)3 charity Giveable Giggles have established a residency scholarship called the Poesy Prize. It aspires towards becoming an education endowment fund focused on assisting marginalised children of single parents and supporting the community through the arts.

The goal of the Poesy Prize is to facilitate cultural exposure and leadership spirit by means of creative & influential use of resources, to impact and develop bridges for humanity. While the annual program location may change each year, it will be a connection for individuals who are inspired from a place of purpose and calling. Each year, co-founder, Jessica Steinberg, will select a scholar under the umbrella of Giveable Giggles, to be the recipient of the Poesy’s Prize award. The criterion includes: an interest in the arts, unique skills, leadership qualities, international awareness and passion in humanitarian objectives. The Poesy Prize program will include opportunities to build new projects, engage in current humanitarian initiatives, life coaching, career placements, artistic brainstorming, cultural experience, exposure to global networks of impactful individuals, introductions to other mentors, and a lifetime membership of the Poesy Prize alumni & affiliated  programs in female empowerment such as Power Beauty –  a curated list of women leaders from varied fields of expertise


Poesy Prize Conversations

These would typically involve gastronomy and conversations with the corporate figure on legacy, leadership, succession, long term passions, bucket lists, life callings, untold stories and curious facts around their existing career/s inside and outside their corporate portfolios, definitely touching on related industries & taking familiar topics beyond surface understandin. They include conversations with : 

The Running Rabbit coming soon! 11/11/21

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