Poesy Liang

A whimsical  walkthrough installation to trigger an awakening of extraordinary abilities”

Poesy Empathy

Hidden Messages, at Singapore Art Stage, 2018


Poesy Empathy Hidden Messages has a visually impaired team to guide visitors  through a blackbox.

Art visitors experience Poesy’s work without their sight which triggers other senses.

This impacts an awakening that the human sight is the basis  of all judgement & discrimination, while allowing a rediscovery of extraordinary abilities.


Arts Beyond Sights featuring Poesy Liang

Many asked what my solo exhibition with Arts Beyond Sight is about. I often respond “It is my self-portrait in the dark, where you experience my work with all your senses but your eyesight.” What I really should say is this “It is a visit to your inner self” but I did want to keep that a surprise. Actually this show has very little to do with me, it is all about you! Yes you learn my story, but your awareness would be so heightened – that part alone is overwhelming enough so it inevitably becomes all about you. I can guarantee a change in perspective. Ya, cryptic. – Poesy Liang, 2017-
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The Running Rabbit coming soon! 11/11/21

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