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NDF : Gift me a Godly life

NDF : Gift me a Godly life

Prayer Journal 6/9/20 Dear Father, Before I take flight each day, I developed the habit to set my daily intentions. To have each domino piece of my day falling in the right direction; to acknowledge Your presence in my life and my dependence on You; and for You to set...
NDF : Gift me a Godly life

NDF : There is only one way

Prayer Journal 5/30/20 Dear God, Thank you for the clear guidance. You really do answer prayers, and teach me how to ask You for things in the correct ways. I understand better now, and without Your grace, it would have been totally impossible for me to navigate this...
NDF : Gift me a Godly life

NDF : Not everybody believes in You

Prayer Journal 5/29/20     Dear God, Not everybody believes in You, but I do notice that some people have a connection to some divine source in one way or another. I can understand this and it doesn’t feel like a negative thing. They embody joy & peace...
NDF : Gift me a Godly life

NDF : I want to be on Your side

Prayer Journal 5/27/20   Dear God, I want to be on Your side. I did not realise how important it is until lately, lots of things happened to lead me to this awakening. I want to grow in Your fullness. I want to return to Your purity. I am not good at anything...
NDF : Gift me a Godly life

NDF : Forgive the Christian hater please

Prayer Journal 5/25/20 Dear God, I am honestly more comfortable going back to being an underground Christian, being a quiet practitioner. My experience with raving Christians has just been negative to date. It doesn’t actually help me at all. All these years, my...

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