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Prayer Journal

Dear God,

Thank you for the clear guidance. You really do answer prayers, and teach me how to ask You for things in the correct ways. I understand better now, and without Your grace, it would have been totally impossible for me to navigate this abstract landmine. Your intentions are amazing. Why would I choose to follow my ways? Seeing things from Your perspective humbles me. Something amazing has come from all this. I shall place all my trust in You and be under Your daily protection. That’s all I know right now.

Please help me up my game in the impact work around me and give me the first insights to spot win-win situations for all parties. You have honed me over the years, but please use me – UP MY GAME!

Thank you for blessing Abundantia. You promised me an incredible journey, and it is unfolding to be rather unbelievable to be honest. I know the rest of the world is not having a good time, and you offered me a significant moment to empathise – to cry in the fear of the uncertainty that most people are feeling right now. The vision was powerful and heart wrenching, and today I received inspiration – thank You!

Bring attractive and collaborative kindred spirits to me. Open the doors of Abundantia to them, make their requests jump out at me, assist me to assist others. Provide great inspiration when people come near this field of energy. Then possess me with Your intentions to work with that.

Give me resolve to walk in Your ways, and Your ways only. Why do I emphasise that? I emphasize because it is so easy for our ego to slip in an undetected subconscious, like a thief in the night. Help me disregard my own voice over Yours, help me detect when my ego is screaming for activation, or when it manipulates my thoughts into following ways that didn’t originate from You. I am grateful to recognise for all the signs You reveal to me.

I also must acknowledge the darkness that I exposed myself to when I listened to sources of the occult. Thank You for quickly making some answers clear to me. You are the best teacher and protector, and I dedicate the rest of my days to walk closely with You.


Nisi Dominus Frustra
Without God All is in Vain

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