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Prayer Journal


Dear God,

I want to be on Your side. I did not realise how important it is until lately, lots of things happened to lead me to this awakening. I want to grow in Your fullness. I want to return to Your purity. I am not good at anything without You in my life. I was not aware You were with me all along, often mistaking Your greatness as my ego. I didn’t realise the good things that you placed in front of me until now.

I want to return to You. I want to be in Your good light, I demand it in my life. This has become more important to me than ever before. I am seeing it more clearly, as my days unfold, I see you bringing me closer to my destiny that You prepared for me. I see that the challenges you threw into my life to be necessary. You always throw me the most extreme hardships, why? I see You are preparing me for great things.

You sent me a guardian angel but our inner demons fought each other tooth and nail. Now I see things clearly, I will get rid off my inner demons so I can benefit from Your blessings you sent through him. I hope you can be with him every step of the way, so He may benefit from your blessings too. I want to be on Your side, because I want to be that blessing You intended me to be to this world, and do Your work.

As the moon gets fuller, may I become fuller in Your intentions too, dear God, may that be so.




Nisi Dominus Frustra
Without God All is in Vain



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