Whenever there are disagreements, it always has to do with ego. People find it hard to swallow their pride when being rubbed wrong. If no one is willing to give way, things will not be nice. It becomes hostile and uncertain. The passive aggressive stances muddy up relationships.

Disagreements are clashes between two people who think they are both right. It comes from misunderstandings and the unwillingness to understand. Sometimes it is also caused by the unwillingness to own up to faults – due to a strong ego. If both parties refuse to see things from the other’s point of view, then their minds will never meet. Hearing someone out is important, if the relationship means anything to you.

Sometimes a certain miscommunication can cause rifts when badly misinterpreted. It takes a lot of humility and honesty to iron things out when faults arise. Ego is often in the way, pointing us to the easier direction, that is to dodge, leading to worse deterioration. It goes without saying that explaining yourself is important too, if the relationship means anything to you.

I suppose if we diminish the ego and build on humility, life will be better. On the way towards improvement, keep your distance from those who bring out the worst of your pride. Take a breather from toxic personalities. Ego stifles our learning abilities. It is quite absurd.

The only thing useful about ego is that it steepens competition. Competition at a healthy dose makes us better ourselves. That is called having a sense of pride. One cannot do without pride at all.




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