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Start spreading the news.. New York New York!

I wanted to be a part of it.. and I did it with a brush..


I was invited by ARTnews to paint live at a cocktail party held in Phillips New York.


We celebrated Yieldstreet’s $170M acquisition of Athena Art Finance.


While I zoned out in my own world, there was a velvet rope to keep spectators observing from 30 feet away.



This piece took 4 hours to complete using one brush. I enjoyed this gig.




Do you see Lady Liberty?

She appears in all my New York pieces.
It is actually a self-portrait of the time I was invited
to open the Novus Summit at the United Nations.

“Poesy wears a saree and
holds up a gigantic calligraphy brush.
She has a humanitarian message,
and it says 世界大同, the world united as one.”



“What time is it Harry Putter?”

It is time to fly to the moon…




Don’t ask me what was the internal conversation that went on inside my head while I painted.
There were more or less 400 people sipping cocktails and milling around in the audience, but I was in my own world, flying over the roofscapes of New York with my funny cat.
Here, I made a timelapse video for you.






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