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I have worked from home since 2007 – the early days were challenging but it got better and better each year. Whenever my business grew, I would upgrade my living spaces. It made sense to create a beautiful home I can enjoy and have sources of high quality inspiration readily available whenever I need to kick up my productivity levels. Over the decade and more, I put in place a practice that allowed me to accomplish any task faster than others (although I was only trying to outdo earlier versions of myself). These lifestyle adjustments enabled me to do more, and this was only possible because I created a business development budget to optimise my space for smooth productivity, which includes creating a magnetic field for divine inspiration.

WorkWhenever a meeting/meal is due, people visit me. It is amusing to witness how people interact in my space – the most common result is that people tend to stay past 9 hours in nonstop conversation, usually highly charged. I call that mindwalking. Customising your space can help you manufacture magic. Work at home!

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