In April 2015, an earthquake in Nepal killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. LifeRevo in association with the Bangkok Charity Orchestra organized a charity concert under the name “The Butterfly’s Spirit Charity Concert.” The proceeds from the ticket sales was donated to rebuild schools in Nepal that have been destroyed by the earthquake. [Image above] Poesy, at Bangkok Charity Orchestra (BCO), performing Treetops song.

Poesy Liang

Song Writer, Composer, Poet, Singer

Harry Putter Baby寶寶小貓貓

Harry Putter is a tuxedo cat who dons a half-moustache and uncannily resembles the Rooftop Cats (RTC) that Poesy Liang started to paint in 2011.

Today, Harry Putter has a collection of books, music, merchandise & geekwear to his name.

Poesy’s original art series “Fly Me To The Moon Harry Putter” is widely collected all over the world since 2015.

There are 1000 limited editions of “Harry Putter Birthday Book” that celebrates life and he also appears on public murals in many cities.

Treetops, theme song for Helping Angels movement

Treetops was originally composed as a music box tune for Poesy’s jewellery collection Poez in 2009. Its lyrics were written and the song became a song about kindness, meant as a theme song for Poesy’s volunteer movement Helping Angels.

The song arrangement was by Godfrey Wang in London in 2010, and a backing track was produced ready for studio recording since 2011.
The current track that is being circulated on Youtube was the rough recording made in 2011. A final version is yet to be made.

Godfrey Wang (1944) met Poesy Liang in November 2009, when he came to Malaysia as Boney M’s music director for the charity concert at Sunway Convention Centre, Selangor. He is a senior musician who worked with Teresa Teng, Jimmy Ruffin, Miki Imai, Kenji Sawada and others.

He produced Treetops as part of his contribution to Helping Angels, Poesy’s social movement of compassion. All the initial costs to produced were personally sponsored out of his pocket, mentoring Poesy to make her first original song.

If You Were Here

If You Were Here is a collaboration between Poesy and guitar maestro Per-Olov Kindgren who is the original composer of the tune.

He invited Poesy to produce a romantic album with 13 tunes of his original compositions provided that she wrote the lyrics to all the songs.

This collaboration was the first song done and the album did not progress further because everything was self-funded by Poesy.

The music arrangement was done by Godrey Wang in London, and the song has yet to be recorded in the studio.

Whatever that is being circulated on the internet was the rough recording done in Godfrey’s living room, the purpose was to finalise his music arrangements.

Poesy still needs to work with a vocal coach before entering the recording studio.

I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

The last time Poesy heard or sang this was from 30 years ago. It suddenly popped up in Poesy’s mind. It was was recorded during the Covid19 pandemic, using an iPad Pro.

The Running Rabbit coming soon! 11/11/21

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