Poesy Liang 梁小詩

“I experiment with creative ways to solve problems for humanity, and employing the use of technology; That’s my art”


From the moment she was first able to hold a pencil, Poesy began to draw. Since she was only two, she was able to immerse herself in her childish creations with unusual attention. Upon seeing her creativity, her parents exposed her to their artistic circles. At six years of age, Poesy started tutoring with two classical Chinese artists – both of whom were hand-picked by her father. She trained continuously in multiple genres of artistic mediums (including music) all through architecture school and into her adult years in the spotlight.

At the age of eight, Poesy created nursery rhymes, and grew a knack for matching her words to tunes that she also composed. Her Chinese name 小詩 means ‘little poem’ while ‘Poesy’ means poetry in Latin-based languages.

Throughout her schooling, Poesy trained in Chinese watercolours and landscape painting, as well as Chinese stamp seal carving and calligraphy. Her first painting of a bird perched on a lotus branch – produced when she was eight – exhibited alongside adult artists. Her painting was completed with the first signature stamp seal she carved (also at eight years old) of her own name in stone under the instructions of her first guru 利石鋒.

Poesy’s tutorship with calligraphy master 黃金炳 heavily influenced her impetus in space protocol. At the age of 11, she garnered gold medals for calligraphy at elementary school levels. Chinese calligraphy became her strongest genre and she developed a keen sense of spatial decorum.


RoofTopCats (RTC)


RoofTopCats (RTC)


White Cartoon Sidewalk Series

Poesy Empathy

The Running Rabbit coming soon! 11/11/21

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